What is your SELF-LOVE Language?

Now that we know how important it is to communicate and connect with our relationships around us and know each other’s love language.....let’s discover our own self-love love language. Have you even considered what your self-love language could be?

By understanding how we prefer to show and feel self-love, we can create a deeper understanding of our needs and act in a way that properly fulfils us. Once we know how to love ourselves, we create a space where others will know how to treat and love us too.

You might find that your self-love language is the same as your regular love language or you might find it’s completely different!

Give each one a read to find out which language you identify best with and learn the best ways you can show yourself love.

1. Quality Time:

If your self-love language is quality time, you enjoy spending some time alone to recharge.

Acts of Self-Love Quality Time:

· Read a book

· Take yourself on a coffee date

· Do a guided meditation

· Watch the sunset

· Go for a hike in nature

· Plan a solo travel trip

2. Words of Affirmation

Those whose self-love language is words of affirmation enjoy hearing compliments and gaining confirmation that they’re doing a good job. If this is the case, it’s important to fill your life with encouragement and kindness. Saying affirmations is really important if this is your self-love language!

Acts of Self-Love Affirmation

· Try self-love journaling

· Use daily positive affirmations

· Start a gratitude practice (Stayed tuned for our ebook coming out next month)

· Listen to a motivating podcast

· Write down inspirational quotes

· Write a list of reasons why you’re proud of yourself

3. Receiving Gifts

Receiving gifts doesn’t have to mean anything big or extravagant. In fact, it’s the thought behind the gift that makes the big difference. Those who identify with this as their self-love language appreciate it when they truly listen to what it is they need.

Acts of Self-Love Gifts

· Buy yourself something you’ve wanted for a long time

· Invest in a course that you’d like to take

· Book a break or vacation

· Use the products that you’ve been saving for a special occasion

· Buy yourself flowers

· Treat yourself to your favourite chocolate/treat

4. Acts of Service

Acts of service towards yourself are a way of making life happier for future you. By preparing things early on, you’re able to enjoy the benefits later and appreciate yourself for the work you put in. For example, maybe you enjoy keeping your room clean and tidy, so that it’s a relaxing place to be in.

Self-Love Acts of Service

· Prep your meals ahead of time

· Delegate chores and tasks

· Make clear boundaries for yourself

· Make a therapy appointment

· Tidy and clean your space

· Make your bed in the morning

· Schedule activities you enjoy into your week

· Make yourself a self-care kit

5. Physical Touch

If your self-love language is physical touch, you feel your best when you’ve done things that make your body feel good. Acts of self-care that have a positive physical effect on the body are what feels best for you. If you enjoy hitting the gym to relieve stress or booking in for a yoga class to relax, your self-love language is probably physical touch!

Acts of Physical Touch Self Love

· Book a massage

· Do some yoga

· Establish a skincare routine

· Get a facial

· Dance

· Go for a walk outside


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